WayV is back with their fifth mini album “Give Me That”, out now via SM Entertainment. Listen below. The six-track EP is the multilingual, China-based NCT sub group’s first release following 2023’s “On My Youth” album.

The 5th Mini Album ‘Give Me That’

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‘Give Me That’ is a catchy pop dance track with classic funk influence, which sets the tone for a collection of love songs on the project. Watch the music video for the Korean version.

The track is available in Chinese and Korean on the release, alongside four new original songs. ‘She A Wolf’ is a hip-hop dance track that comes to life with WayV’s signature, pristine vocal harmonies as they describe an irreversible attraction to a mysterious being. The sentimental vibes continue with ‘Might As Well’ – a longing, rose-coloured hip-hop dance song where they’re convinced the future of a relationship will play out like a dream. Showcasing their breezy vocals, the R&B pop-tinged ‘New Ride’ is designed for moonlit date nights, while ‘Don’t Get Mad’ is a sincere message to appease a jealous lover.

“Give Me That – The Fifth Mini Album” Tracklisting:

Give Me That
She A Wolf
Might As Well
New Ride
Don’t Get Mad
Give Me That (Korean Version)