Brighton-born musican Chxrlotte releases first attention grabbing single “God No!” taken from debut EP -The single is delivered with power and youthful intent; with beautiful macabre and lyrical poignancy taking center stage.

The Intriguing and rising UK artist emerges from her songwriting sanctuary with forthcoming 5 track EP “The Fall” that confidently disputes the lyrical comfort zone that many emerging singer songwriters fall victim to.

Fueled with powerfully dark, emotional and anthemic turmoil it’s hard to ignore a young artists talent as she sets her sights on a nascent through an intimate yet vast musical space.

The 26-year old’s subversive and consuming storytelling qualities remain prevalent throughout the entire EP with each impressive and evocative vocal performance setting out a bold statement that combined with a lucid religious ambiance gives her contemporary pop-rock sound joyful composure. Casting a fallen angel as the lead protagonist the musical themes tussle with acceptance, gratitude, and emotional purpose.

Chxrlotte originally emerged onto the independent music scene with her 2019 debut release “Come With Me” that has now impressively amassed over 11 Million streams on Spotify. The single was inspired by the comedic fantasy series Good Omens, with the track gaining attention and acclaim after being shared by members of the show’s cast and crew.

Haunting, yet beautifully composed the innate experimentation of her plaintive, poignant voice that much like the delicate piano performances has the ravishing ability to both soothe and unsettle her listeners.

“God No!” by Chxrlotte is out now and The Fall EP set to be released Aug 2nd.