Lebanese singer-songwriter Maria Taktouk today releases her latest single ‘obsessed’ via MOLA Records. Listen below.

Expanding on the themes seen in her debut release, ‘Shadow’, Maria continues to explore the emotional responses that are experienced within the varying phases of a relationship. Her second single, ‘obsessed’, plays out the all-consuming and compulsive behaviour that is often experienced following a break up. Maria promises that she’s only sad because she’s still ‘obsessed’ but once the sadness passes, so will the last ties to the relationship.

Speaking on the single Maria said: “I wrote ‘obsessed’ right after a break up, and just before I could process any of the emotions, and it really helped me look inwards to focus on my relationship with myself. ‘I’m only sad because I’m obsessed’ really reflects the overall message of the song – where I know I’m hurt right now but it’ll get better and I’ll be back with a better perspective. The whole song really colours the feeling of obsession for me.”

Produced by ADP (Dua Lipa, Ed Sheeran, Wiz Khalifa), and in contrast to her soft, vulnerable debut, Maria adopts moodier tones and lyrics, using ‘obsessed’ as a pathway into her darker, and deeply passionate side. To foster her sound, Maria incorporates a distinct mix of dark-pop tones and arabic textures with honest lyricism, vulnerability and her rich feminine vocals. Listeners can immediately identify the authentic blend of influences that only comes from a genuine diversity of experiences, engaging with people and places. Growing up in Nigeria, and attending an American school for 10 years to living in London, Barcelona and France as a teenager, Maria is influenced by both the mainstream pop sensibility around the sounds of Bruno Mars and Rhianna, and the dark moodiness from the alternative pop of Melanie Martinez and Lana Del Rey. She is purposefully bridging her love for her Middle Eastern heritage with her ongoing influence of Western music, and we can expect to see this sound become more prominent.

Maria Taktouk is on a mission to create a safe, inclusive space within her music; by evoking listeners through her songs and relatable messaging. The 24-year old is creating an extension to her wider family. Her work is diaristic and aims for the catharsis of releasing her troubles, hopes and wishes, that she once struggled to admit to the world.

Maria is opening her arms to those who echo her sensitivity and are ready to feel empowered by this expression.