Today marks the return of Imagine Dragons as they launch yet another creative era with their brand-new single “Eyes Closed” along with an accompanying music video.

This future-facing anthem seamlessly blends elements of alternative, rap, electronic, and rock. Boasting industrial production and deftly rhymed verses with a swaggering attitude, the track is set against a backdrop of gritty hip-hop beat-craft spiked with jarring synths and string swells. Frontman Dan Reynolds charges forward with unapologetic and uncompromising cadences, climaxing with the confident proclamation, “I could do this with my eyes closed.”

Commenting on the song, Dan Reynolds shared, “After taking some time off the road and spending time catching up with family and loved ones, I finally felt the desire to return to the sonic places that originally brought me the most joy, but with a new outlook and mentality. The world looks much different after being a band for more than a decade. But some things will always remain the same. It’s finding that right balance of nostalgia and freshness that brings me the most joy in the studio. We had a lot of fun making this one and hope you enjoy it too.”

This latest release follows Imagine Dragons’ previous single “Children of the Sky (a Starfield song),” inspired by the blockbuster Sci-Fi role-playing game, Starfield™. Additionally, the band has achieved yet another major milestone with their hit single “Bad Liar” crossing 1 billion Spotify streams, solidifying Imagine Dragons as “the first group to score 10 songs in excess of 1 billion streams on Spotify.”