Vevo, the premier music video network, has just released Olly Alexander’s electrifying live rendition of “Dizzy,” the track he’ll be showcasing as the UK’s representative at Eurovision 2024.

With “Dizzy,” Olly Alexander ushers in a vibrant new phase of his career. Over the span of three highly successful albums, the multifaceted artist—known for his roles as a singer, actor, and fashion icon—has achieved two #1 UK albums, landed 10 UK Top 40 singles, and was recently honoured with the BRIT Billion Award, boasting an impressive 6.5 billion streams globally.

As Years & Years transitions into a solo endeavour, “Dizzy” serves as the inaugural offering of this fresh creative journey for Olly. Recognised as a singular voice of his generation, Olly Alexander’s impact extends beyond music. His role in the critically acclaimed Russell T Davies series “It’s A Sin” earned the show the prestigious Best New Drama award at the National Television Awards, with Olly himself receiving a nomination for Leading Actor at the 2022 BAFTA Television Awards. From headlining arenas and festivals worldwide to collaborating with icons such as Sir Elton John, Kylie Minogue, and Pet Shop Boys, Olly’s influence has left an indelible mark on British culture. This influence was further solidified with his recent enshrinement at Madame Tussauds London, a fitting tribute to a pop luminary who has helped shape the cultural landscape of the UK and now proudly represents the nation on the Eurovision stage.

Delving into the inspiration behind “Dizzy,” Olly Alexander shares, “I wrote the song last summer with Danny L Harle, we started off with the word ‘Dizzy’ because it just popped into my head and I liked it. I was thinking about fun things that could make you dizzy and I remember saying ‘dizzy from your kisses’ so the song is about feeling such an intense swell of emotion for someone they totally turn your world upside down and inside out. Danny and I believe music should transport you somewhere magical and we wanted to describe this magical place in the song; a place of beautiful gardens, eternal flowers and time turning endlessly in an ecstatic loop. We took the feeling of Dizziness and put that into the production, so there are a lot of undulating arpeggios, lilting harmonies and counter rhythms in the backing vocals. We were inspired by a lot of music we love from the 80s like Erasure, Adamski and of course Pet Shop Boys.”

As anticipation builds for Olly Alexander’s performance at Eurovision 2024, his captivating rendition of “Dizzy” offers a glimpse into the mesmerising world he’s created—one filled with enchanting melodies and boundless imagination.