According to a new study, Dua Lipa and RAYE are predicted to be the big winners at the 2024 BRIT Awards. The study analysed the number of Spotify monthly listeners and the popularity of each nominee’s top single to determine the most likely winners in each category.

Mastercard Album of the Year: RAYE – My 21st Century Blues
With a remarkable seven BRIT Award nominations, RAYE emerges as a standout artist at this year’s ceremony. The star is already making headlines as the first artist to secure seven nominations in a single year, and it’s likely she will be taking home multiple BRITs this year, including ‘Album of the Year’.
RAYE’s popularity is clearly evidenced through her 33.9 million monthly Spotify listeners – which is over 22 million more listeners than Blur, who placed second in the category.

Artist of the Year: Dua Lipa 
Dua is up for an impressive three BRIT awards this year, starting with her nomination for ‘Artist of the Year’, where she scores significantly higher than her competitors, with by far the most Spotify listeners – over 74 million a month.

It’s evident the star is the most popular artist within the category. Her hit single ‘Don’t Start Now’ alone has garnered an astonishing 2.5 billion streams, dwarfing the 725 million streams of RAYE’s leading track, which despite being undeniably impressive, pales in comparison to Dua Lipa’s success.

Song of the Year with Mastercard: Dua Lipa – Dance The Night (From Barbie The Album)
Dua is also predicted to win ‘Song of the Year’ with her infectious track ‘Dance The Night (From Barbie The Album)’.The song’s popularity is undeniable with 708 million streams, and thanks to the success of the Barbie movie, Dua stands a good chance of taking this award home.

Group of the Year: Blur 
The legendary nineties band Blur has garnered three BRIT Award nominations this year, sparking excitement among fans as they are rumoured to perform at the ceremony. Thanks to their iconic status and 11.7 million monthly Spotify listeners, Blur will likely secure the ‘Group of the Year’ award as they outshine the other nominees by over 2 million monthly listeners.

Best New Artist in association with TRESemme: RAYE
This marks RAYE’s second predicted win this year and with her scheduled performance during the ceremony, it seems we’ll be treated to ample doses of her talent throughout the evening.

The star owes her anticipated victory for ‘Best New Artist’ to her staggering 33.9 million monthly listeners, putting her ahead of the runner-up artist, PinkPantheress. Although PinkPantheress secures the second spot due to slightly lower monthly streams, it’s noteworthy that her hit song ‘Boy’s a liar Pt.2’ boasts an impressive 794 million streams, surpassing RAYE’s top-performing track by 68 million streams.

International Artist of the Year: Taylor Swift 
Taylor Swift is predicted to take home ‘International Artist of the Year’, which is unsurprising as the star has an incredible 105 million Spotify monthly listeners – a staggering 45 million more than Olivia Rodrigo who placed second in this category.

Following Taylor’s triumph at the Grammys, it will be interesting to see if her winning streak continues.

International Song of the Year: Miley Cyrus – Flowers
Upon its release, Miley Cyrus’ hit song ‘Flowers’ captured everyone’s attention last year, amassing over 1.7 billion Spotify streams and it’s still climbing daily. With such remarkable traction, it’s highly probable that Miley will secure the well-deserved BRIT for ‘International Song of the Year’.

International Group of the Year: Foo Fighters
Already holding four previous BRIT awards, the iconic Foo Fighters are hoping to add ‘International Group of the Year’ to their collection come Saturday.

However, it might not be a sure win yet, as blink-182 placed second with monthly listeners and streams that are just behind the Foo Fighters. In fact, the Foo Fighters have only 1.3 million monthly listeners more than blink-182, so it could be a close competition.

Alternative/Rock Act: The Rolling Stones 
The Rolling Stones have received their first nomination in over a decade within the ‘Alternative/Rock Act’ category, and despite previously missing out on the award, they are favoured to win this year.

The bands iconic history means their top song ‘Paint It, Black’ has over 1 billion streams – 269 million more than runner up band Blur’s top song, ‘Song 2 – 2012 Remaster’.

Hip Hop/Grime/Rap Act: Central Cee
Thanks to his popularity, Central Cee has a good chance of winning the ‘Hip Hop/Grime/Rap Act’ this year as he scores much higher than his competitors with an impressive 25.6 million monthly Spotify listeners.

Dance Act: Calvin Harris
Calvin Harris, another star with multiple nominations this year, has already made headlines as he appears less than thrilled about his ‘Pop Act’ category nomination.

Luckily, the star is predicted to win the ‘Dance Act’ category, thanks to his 62.8 million monthly Spotify listeners – hopefully, this is more to the artist’s liking.

Pop Act: Dua Lipa 
Finally, Dua Lipa is predicted to win another BRIT award, marking her third predicted win for the evening. The star’s 2.5 billion Spotify streams for pop song ‘Don’t Start Now’ solidified her reign as queen of pop and revealed the star as the likely winner of this year’s ‘Pop Act’ award.

RAYE is back again and, similar to Dua Lipa, her predicted win for ‘R&B Act’ marks her third award. With 33.9 million monthly Spotify listeners, it’s clear the artist is popular and it’s looking like she is going to get the recognition she deserves at this year’s BRIT Awards.

2024 BRIT Award Winner Predictions:

The research, conducted by no deposit casino bonus guide, examined each nominee’s number of Spotify monthly listeners and the traction garnered by their top single, based on total streams for the song. Using these metrics, each nominee was assigned a score out of ten – revealing the acts most likely to win a BRIT this year.