Chris Hughes, known for his stint on Love Island, found himself in the hospital this week due to an undisclosed illness. The 31-year-old television personality took to Instagram on Friday to express his gratitude towards NHS hospital staff and assure his followers that he’s “on the mend.” While he didn’t disclose the specifics of his condition, he thanked a friend who stayed by his side during his treatment.

In his Instagram post, Chris commended the NHS staff for their exceptional care and professionalism, highlighting their dedication and patience in handling various situations. He emphasised the importance of their work and referred to them as “unsung heroes”.


Chris Hughes hospitalisation
Chris shares the update with his followers –  Credit:@chrishughesofficial – Instagram

Chris also gave a special shoutout to his friend, Jason Brightman, who stayed with him for ten hours through the night, showing remarkable support. He expressed deep appreciation for Jason sticking by him during his time of need.

This recent health scare comes a year after Chris faced another alarming situation when he was hospitalised due to alcohol hepatitis following a night of heavy drinking. Reflecting on his past experience, Chris admitted to pushing his body to the limits with intense workouts and sauna sessions after a boozy session, unaware of the harm he was causing his body.

Despite his setbacks, Chris remains grateful for the exceptional care he received from the NHS and acknowledges the lessons he’s learned about taking care of his health.

Beyond his television appearances, Chris has also established himself as a horse racing presenter, showcasing his versatility in the entertainment industry.