As part of their first tour in over 4 years, Sundara Karma’s sell out show at The Waterfront in Norwich did not disappoint, with songs from their new album ‘Better Luck Next Time’, as well as their other classics.

Kicking off the show was Norwich’s very own Pleasure Inc, with their energetic set that warmed up the audience including one of their more recent songs ‘Croissant’. Following Pleasure Inc was Ten Tonnes who had the crowd singing along to his electric guitar inspired love songs.

Sundara Karma started off their set with a bang, playing one of their first hit songs ‘She Said’, followed by some newer songs such as ‘Baby Blue’ and ‘Miss Again’.

Lead singer, Oscar Pollock, delivered his unique vocals and undeniable stage presence without fault, despite being unwell, which was well-concealed and would not have crossed anyone’s mind. His energy hasn’t changed at all since their last Norwich show in 2017. The crowd took a little while to get moving, but once they sang ‘A Young Understanding’ and ‘Loveblood’, they had the audience going crazy. Fan favourite ‘Explore’, from the ‘Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect’ album, went down incredibly, with the performance of Ally Baty’s iconic guitar solo (one of many masterpieces). Next up was one of the band’s oldest hits ‘Indigo Puff’ which fans never tire of hearing.

A buzz remained in the air when the band left the stage, with the audience desperate for one more song. For the band’s encore they played ‘Sounds Good To Me’, before ending the show with Oscar Pollock in the crowd singing ‘Flame’, dancing along with the fans surrounding him. Yet another sensational show from Sundara Karma. After many years of touring, they still remain one of the best bands I have seen live with their amazing sets.

Sundara Karma – She Said (Official Video)

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