Lili Caseley will be releasing her new single C’est La Vie on the 13th April. We managed to sit down and have a chat with the North London soul/pop singer-songwriter about the step into the industry after signing to Cetera management and being the first artist to sign to the Hoax record label.

CE – You can straight away tell when listening to C’est La Vie that there is a strong story behind it, what is the story?

LC – It is about a relationship that isn’t working and isn’t meant to be so you have to just say C’est La Vie. My mum was Portuguese and was brought up in France so she always used to have little sayings like that and I always heard her saying them.

CE – What songs make you cry whenever you hear them?

LC – The Weeknd – Scared to Live. It’s a new song of his and I’ve been listening to it through this isolation period and when I’ve been finding it hard with being away from my boyfriend as well. It gives me a nostalgic feeling but I can’t quite tell why.
Ashley McBryde – Girl Going Nowhere and Tracy Chapman – I’m Ready are also 2 that make me cry.
I just love songs that have heart, it doesn’t matter what genre it is although I do mostly listen to pop and hip hop but if it has heart or I can dance to it, I’ll like it.

CE – Who is your biggest inspiration when it comes to music?

LC – I would say, Freddie Mercury, I grew up listening to him because my dad was a huge fan of Queen. I love his stage presence and his voice flamboyance. Madonna as well, she’s a classic icon. I love how she’s unapologetically herself and she’s not what society tells her to be. I also love the Weeknd, Lil Peep, Bakar and Ariana Grande.

CE – Have you got anything exciting coming up that hasn’t been announced yet?

LC – I have 2 remixes of C’est La Vie that will be coming out just after the song release along with a music video for it too! The music video was shot in Paris, it was low budget but it was fun! So I’m excited for that to be coming out just after the single is released.

CE – What environment is the best for you when it comes to writing music?

LC – Growing up I always wrote in my little yellow room that has my piano in it. I would listen to instrumentals online and write to them. At the moment I tend to do more writing in the studio.

CE – Who is your dream collaboration?

LC – That’s a difficult one, but probably Lana Del Rey or Mariza! Just someone who would go well with my style.

CE – Where would you like to be in 5 years?

LC -I would love to be doing an international tour and be living in a nice flat in London as London has my heart. I would also like to have more successful songs released and an album out.

CE – If you could change anything in the industry what would it be?

LC – I would like to see more women in top roles in the industry, I have never worked with a women producer and It’s not because they aren’t capable or there’s a lack of interest because women definitely are but it’s just not encouraged. Also, less high up men telling women to wear sexier outfits to sell stuff. I’m not sure why that’s happening.

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