Arguably one of the world’s most talented musicians, composers, bandleaders, broadcasters and national treasure, Jools Holland OBE is now adding ‘Tutor’ to his CV.

In these trying days with people stuck at home, Jools will be giving fun free piano lessons to those stuck for some inspiration. Taking the very basics of his beloved boogie-woogie piano, Jools will break down various musical techniques for everybody from complete novice upwards.

Even those bereft of a keyboard can still take part as Jools suggests: “If you don’t have a piano, get Dad’s shirt or Mum’s tablecloth when they are not looking and draw piano keys on it and practice silently.”

Jools will be uploading to his Instagram, Youtube and Facebook pages as a way of cheering up people around the world: “We are all struggling being confined to home so if anybody wants to learn a new skill, this is the time to do it! Music is so uplifting and thanks to the internet and the generosity of people around the globe, budding musicians have never been in a better position to pick up the basics of pretty much every instrument and I would like to pass on some of my passion for the piano and hope that some of it rubs off.”

Lesson number 2 went live at today via and is already available amongst his jools.holland.official Instagram posts.