Kiara Nelson first made a splash when she teamed up with M-22 to deliver the anthemic ‘After Hours’. The track received numerous plays at Radio 1 including spins from Scott Mills, Pete Tong and Diplo as it raced to 12 million streams at Spotify. The station’s support also extended to two live performances hosted by MistaJam at Radio 1’s Dance Anthems at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel and Café Mambo.

Having made a captivating introduction to her talents, Kiara Nelson now steps out with her debut solo single ‘Adore You’. ‘Adore You’ shows that Kiara has everything she needs to make an international impact. Her enchanting vocal gift shines through; sleek and soulful yet also potently powerful. Musically, the song is driven by an acoustic guitar combined with danceable beats. Kiara’s soaring soul vocal expresses the song’s message with an appealing playfulness, while the modern pop production is infused with some old school R&B flavour.

“Adore You was written in 2018 and felt like the perfect debut single for me with its catchy melodies and empowering message. It’s the first glimpse to me as an artist and my music and I hope it gives people the courage to say how they feel with confidence. I can’t wait to see how people react to it!” says Kiara.

‘Adore You’ is accompanied by an official video which highlights Kiara’s magnetic performance and sense of style.

Born in Jacksonville, Florida, Kiara grew up in Finland in a family that she describes as an “army of women.” They encouraged her to follow her love of singing, with Britney Spears being an early favourite. Despite her obvious talent, she suffered from stage fright which her mum helped her overcome in kill-or-cure fashion by dragging the then 17-year-old to karaoke nights each weekend.

It’s hard to believe that was just four years ago. Now still only 22, Kiara has already opened for Justin Bieber and signed a deal with Sony. She’s upright and independent, with the self-confidence to know that she can be herself rather than the stereotypical pop star persona. She’s down-to-earth, but determined: exactly what she needs for the journey ahead of her.