Last night Professor Green took his ‘Learning to adult slowly’ podcast to a live audience at Google Pixel 3’s Curiosity Rooms at 55 Regent Street. The rapper, singer and songwriter surprised over 200 fans with a premiere screening of his music video for new single ‘Photographs’ featuring Rag ‘n’ Bone Man.

Professor Green was joined by close friends chef Gizzi Erskine and musician Jordan Sparks (Rizzle Kicks) to unveil his latest music video and live podcast recording. The ‘Photographs’ video tells the emotional and tear-jerking real life stories of people who have contributed to Professor Green’s social media campaign #wishthatitookmorephotographsofus.

This latest episode of Professor Green’s podcast focussed on compelling topics of masculinity, femininity and where do we all fit in between, if anywhere? Professor Green kicked off the event by asking his guests is chivalry dead? Drawing from personal anecdotes and recent relationships all guests reflected on the definition of masculinity, nature vs nurture, body anxiety, stereotypes, the terminology of gender and concluded by questioning if our icons are changing.

Jordan explained masculinity to him, “is to be in a place to really understand and respect your own power”. Professor Green acknowledged this by later stating, “there has been a shift in the conversation around masculinity and awareness, but there is still a very long way to go”.

The Curiosity Rooms is open Thursday to Sunday until Sunday 16th December, with the Google Pixel 3 ­inviting visitors to unveil experiences where fashion, food, music and art collide in a familiar yet unexpected way.

The show recorded on Sunday in front of over 200 guests will go live on Spotify and Acast this week .

Check out ‘Photographs’:

Professor Green, Rag’n’Bone Man – Photographs (Official Video)

Download and stream “Photographs” now! Director – Simon Emmett If you ain’t seen already, I’ve started a change campaign… sign up if you feel there should be a #NationalGriefDay 🙏…