James McVey, writer and guitarist in The Vamps has lent his personal support to The Wildlife Trusts’ annual nature challenge in June – 30 Days Wild.  30 Days Wild encourages people to do something wild every day for the month of June.

In a short film which The Wildlife Trusts are releasing on social media today, James McVey says:

“I’m supporting The Wildlife Trusts’ national challenge of spending 30 Days Wild. Every day in June they are asking you guys to do something wild. Now – that could be going camping somewhere if you’ve never been camping, it could be doing an off-road trail, climbing a massive hill that you’ve always wanted to do but never done – but it could also be something as simple as recycling if you’ve never recycled before or buying a reusable water bottle.

He adds: “It doesn’t have to be absolutely crazy – but it’s just a great incentive to get you guys thinking a little bit differently and getting active so make sure you sign-up and get involved!”

Lucy McRobert, Campaigns Manager for The Wildlife Trusts says:

“It’s so kind of James to do a shout-out for 30 Days Wild – everyone in the team was so touched. 30 Days Wild is a lovely way to get closer to nature and marvel at the everyday wildlife that lives all around you. Sit quietly and enjoy watching dragonflies dance over a pond or take a moment to sow a window-box of wildflowers to help bees. Get together with your neighbours to create hedgehog highways or sow front-garden meadows along the length of your street. No matter how small the action, it all counts!”

30 Days Wild pack

Sign-up to 30 Days Wild and you’ll get a free pack with a booklet of inspirational ideas for Random Acts of Wildness, a recipe for wild strawberry and thyme ice cream, wildflower seeded paper to sow, a wall chart to record your activities and wild stickers. There are special packs for schools with outdoor lesson plans and giant Random Acts of Wildness cards. Business can join in too, with tailored download packs to bring the ‘wild’ to work.

30 Days Wild 2018 neighbourhood theme

This year’s theme is all about helping wildlife in your neighbourhood and our pack has inspiring ideas for sharing the challenge locally. See great ways to green-up your street – from carving hedgehog holes in fences to putting up bird and bat boxes and doing a local litter pick.

New: first ever Big Wild Weekend!

The first ever Big Wild Weekend takes place 16th – 17th June! It’s a new ingredient for 2018 to mark the middle of the 30 Days Wild challenge.  Wildlife Trusts across the UK will hold special events – there are over 100 events taking place – including night safaris, wild festivals, seashore safaris, bioblitzes, mammal tracking, bushcraft, family nature nights, big wild picnics, wild river dips and much more…

Follow @WildlifeTrusts for James’ short film to be released on Thursday morning.

Sign-up to take part in 30 Days Wild here! www.wildlifetrusts.org/ 30DaysWild