This Autumn, fan support is put to the test with the third annual Last Fan Standing –  The Box Plus Network’s competition of the world’s most popular artists and their ultimate fans!

All year round, we discuss our favourite pop stars, but now it’s time to turn the attention to the powerhouses behind the stars – the fandoms. The competition kicked off on 2nd September on 4Music presented by Will & AJ.

Are you a true Belieber? Do you think you deserve a place in Rihanna’s The Navy? Or maybe being a Little Monster is more your scene? Are you Team Taylor or Team Kanye? Well, look no further all you Harmonizers and Katy Cats, BeBox would like you to get involved in the ultimate battle between fan groups of all the biggest artists today.

Last Fan Standing has 10 fan groups from 10 of the biggest acts on the planet going head to head:

Beyonce – #BeyhiveBoxLFS
Justin Bieber – #BeliebersBoxLFS
Taylor Swift – #SwiftiesBoxLFS
Katy Perry – #KatyCatsBoxLFS
Selena Gomez – #SelenatorsBoxLFS
Fifth Harmony – #HarmonizersBoxLFS
Rihanna – #NavyBoxLFS
Kanye West – #KanyeBoxLFS
Lady Gaga – #LittleMonstersBoxLFS
Ariana Grande – #ArianatorsBoxLFS

You stull have a chance to get involved until this Friday fans can vote directly through on the Boxplus website, tweeting their support and retweeting their favourite artists respective hashtag. Vote for your favourite act and prove whose fans are the most hardcore fandom of them all.


Tune into Last Fan Standing 2016: The Results, Friday 30th September at 4pm on 4Music to find out who wins!

Freeview Channel 18 / Sky 362 / Virgin 337 and online at

Want to keep ahead with the latest fandom gossip? Brush up on your linguistic skills using the ultimate Fandom dictionary:

Stan – An avid fan and supporter of a celebrity, film or group.
I died/Dead – When somebody is amazing or incredibly overwhelming.
I can’t even – When you’re overwhelmed with emotion and you can’t comprehend something.
Ship – When you want two people to be in a romantic relationship.
Slay – Doing something amazing
OTP (One True Pairing) – Your favourite combination of band members, musicians or characters in a fandom
Mom – A way of referring to a celebrity that you truly admire
AF (As Fuck) – As in, “Justin is cute AF”
Foetus – A way of describing an old photograph of a band member/celebrity that shows them when they were younger e.g. “OMG FOETUS HARRY IS SO FREAKING ADORABLE”
#___IsOverParty – A Twitter trend often begun following the downfall of a band/band member/artist, or when literally anything happens within a fandom – e.g. #HiddleswiftIsOverParty
Crossover – Fanfiction in which multiple fandoms collide e.g. Ariana Grande falls in love with Camilla Cabello
Manip – A photograph or piece of fan art that manipulates the subject to feature something unreal e.g. “That Hendall manip is creepy af I bet Kris made it”
FanFic – A fictional story contstructed by a fan about their favourite celebrity, TV show, band or movie.
Queen – A way of referring to a celebrity that you truly admire by stating how amazing they are.
Goals – A way of describing a photo like when someone posts a pic that is very attractive or is of something they aspire to, like a relationship.