As tickets for Justin Bieber’s UK tour finally go on sale, international ticket reseller Ticketbis surveyed the UK to see whether they really are a nation of ‘Beliebers’.

Taking an in­depth look into whether people’s opinion of Justin Bieber has altered over the last two years, Ticketbis revealed that those falling in the 18­ to 30 age group are the biggest growing group of ‘Beliebers’, with 10% liking him more than they did 2 years ago.

But many ‘Beliebers’ in the UK would choose to remain anonymous as 21% would not publicly admit to liking the superstar, along with over a quarter (26%) of men and 1 in 5 51 to 60-year-olds who would also not publicly state they like Justin Bieber.

A third (33%) of Justin’s followers in Southampton would not publicly declare their fondness for him preferring to remain a secret ‘Belieber’. This is reflected in major cities across the UK.

The top UK cities for secret Beliebers are:

Southampton (33%)
Norwich (28%)
Edinburgh (28%)
Newcastle (27%)
Glasgow (24%)
Birmingham (23%)
Leeds (22%)
Nottingham (21%)
Manchester (20%)
Liverpool (19%)

Despite Justin’s growing popularity, a quarter of 18­ to 24-year-olds still won’t publicly admit to liking him. Justin also has quite a way to go with the older age groups after losing 3% of fans aged 41 to 50 as they admit to liking him less than they did 2 years ago.

These secret ‘Beliebers’ may be having an effect on Bieber’s UK ticket sales as the UK only represent 1.2% of recent transactions through Ticketbis for Justin’s ‘Purpose’ tour, with the most transactions coming from Germany 33.7%, Poland 22.9% and then Spain 12%.

Ticket sales for Justin’s previous tours via Ticketbis have been most popular in the following countries;

Argentina (3 9.9%)
Brasil (15.8%)
Spain (13.4%)

However, it seems the thousands of openly dedicated ‘Beliebers’ in the UK are willing to show their love for Justin and spend significant amounts to see the star. The average ticket price per city in the UK ranges from £359.03 in Manchester, £532.13 in London and £264.31 in Birmingham, with minimum ticket prices ranging from £235.14 to £268.17.

Thomas Mesa country manager UK for Ticketbis said “We’ve always seen a demand for Justin Bieber tickets, particularly in South America, due to his recent chart success in the UK we are expecting to see a rise in demand for his upcoming tour”

With the anticipation for Justin Bieber ticket sales to increase in the UK, the question remains who will actually be buying the tickets and attending the shows if many of his UK fans are reluctant to even admit they like him in public.