Today, Netflix debuted the character key art of Kilgrave from its highly-anticipated original series Marvel’s Jessica Jones.

Actor David Tennant​ (Doctor Who, Broadchurch, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) plays the role of Kilgrave, a man with the power to control anyone at his whim and who has an affinity for purple clothing.

To see the motion and static key art versions, visit the show’s Facebook and Twitter or click the following link.

The series will premiere on November 20, 2015 at 12:01am PT in all territories where Netflix is available.

The Netflix original series Marvel’s Jessica Jones is the second of four epic live-action adventure series (Marvel’s Daredevil, which launched April 10th, Marvel’s Luke Cage and Marvel’s Iron Fist, all leading up to the teaming of the main characters in Marvel’s The Defenders) to premiere only on Netflix. It is a suspenseful, edgy look into the life of Jessica Jones, one of the most popular new Marvel characters of the last decade, as she faces demons from within and without. The drama will premiere with thirteen (13) one-hour episodes