Thousands entered and now, only 180 remain. Team Midas have five acts and lets wish them all the best of luck as we approach the infamous Boot camp. As the contestants arrive on their coaches (I’m not making this up) we wait for what’s next.

The acts have been allocated rooms and now, as the judges arrive, the reality is really starting to sink in. Let the fun and games begin.

The singers have been tasked with finding themselves a group (at least from one of each category). Then they must rehearse, rehearse, rehearse…well apart from Ryan, who went to the bar. Their choice of group could be one of the best, or worst, decisions they ever make.

The first group, including the ‘rowdy’ Ryan Ruckledge, and Katie Coleman, Samantha Atkinson, SilverTone and Alex Wallhead did an OK job. Alex Wallhead was the stand out. Everyone bar Ryan got through. What a shock.

Thankfully the next group containing Jennifer Phillips, BEKLN, Stephanie Beeby, Israel Allen and Bupsi were much better prepared. Bupsi was the stand out. Everyone but Stephanie & Israel got through. Fair play to Nick Grimshaw, for showing a human side by reaching out to a deflated Stephanie.

From the next brief auditions, Chloe Paige, Scarlett Quinn, Alien (Team Midas) and Seann Miley Moore were the stand outs.

Singing ‘Man In The Mirror’ were Lauren Murray, Jade McGuire, Tribe, Nathanael Landskroner and Jojo Desmond. It was more miss than hit. Boyband Tribe were by far the standout act. Everyone but Jade & Jojo got through to the next round.

Red Nile, Danny Sharples, Anton Stephans, Gifty Louise and Mason Noise were the best of the night. It just worked, even though Anton forgot some words, they all did an amazing job. Gifty was the stand out. All through.

It was obvious that Monica Michael & Princess Diamond didn’t see eye to eye, the friction was there for all to see. The group also included Papasidero, Batz in Da Belfry & Sophie Plumb. Oh, this was a mess, please make it stop. Papasidero was the stand out. Princess Diamond & Batz in Da Belfry were sent home.

Following on from that were Simon Lynch, Tom Bleasby, Karen Mav, Joseph McCaul and Sophie Stott. This was another more miss than hit performance. Tom Bleasby was the stand out. Sophie was sent home, but it could have been more. This should be a wake up call, for some of the acts that sneaked through.

Jamie Benkert, Team Midas’ Josh Daniel, Mon Amie, Ben Clarke and Andy Taylor were another group, who sang well together. I personally think they should have ALL got through, but Andy Taylor was sent home.

Another group with a disruptive influence, which at times it showed in their final performance, but thankfully, Team Midas’ Kiera Weathers, Kelly Mai Webb, Lochei and Decibellas did well. Keira was the standout. Castellio were sent home.

The night was drawing to a close and with the temperature dropping Stephanie McCourt, Lucy Duffield, Charli Beard, James McDowell & Ankush Khana came out to sing for the judges. In fairness, this was another good group showing. All through bar James.

The final group to take to the stage were Team Midas’ Louisa Johnson, Neneth Lyons, Jasmine Leigh Morris, Fourth Power, Andre Batchelor and Sherlyn Hamilton Shaw. Holy moly, what a performance, they danced, they had fun and they all totally smashed it and deserved to get through. What a fantastic end to the show.


Right, I’m off to the bar…see you next week


Current favourites:

William Hill make Louisa Johnson their narrow 9/2 favourite with Kiera Weathers in hot pursuit at 5/1.

“It is early days but we see a bit of a gap appearing between the top two and the rest of the contestants,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams.