With four auditions shows down, and three to go, do you have your favourite yet, or seen the potential winner?
The X Factor vans have unloaded, the crowd are in place and the judges have taken their seats…it’s take off time.

Look, when I said it’s take off time, I didn’t mean literally. Dressed like a bird/angel, let’s say, ciao and come stai to Italian Papasidero who kicks off tonight’s show. When he started, I was thinking, uh, oh….but when he got into his rhythm it was actually quite good. 4 yeses. (Simon never voted)

Dancing and really going for it, Alex Boye worked the crowd, judges and everyone at home. 5 yeses. That’s how to audition! Up next was Jenesa Gill, who stole a kiss from Simon. She was fun but, sorry to be the party pooper, she wasn’t any good.

Kevin and Becky, aka Rock & Rose didn’t really say much and looked terrified chatting with the judges but again, once they started performing it was OK. Do me a favour though, please smile, you are good. Weapons engineer Ellis Lacy followed and although he gave it his best shot, it was not enough and he was sent home.

Doing it for her family, Jade McGuire, 30, admitted this was probably her last chance at the big time. She shouldn’t have worried. It was fantastic and she made us want to root for her. Well done Jade, 5 easy yeses.

Keshia Smith, Santhy, Nicole, Abbee, Pule and Rachel, aka gospel group Silver Tone, sang their first song but the judges were not keen. They were sent off and told to come back, with a song, that was more ‘them’…back to Silver Tone soon.

Five piece boy band Bekln looked cool and they drew me in, well before they even started to sing. I really like them, their harmonies were bang on and wow, the potential is there for all to see. 5 very easy yeses.

Silver Tone came back (where did the piano come from?) that aside, they absolutely smashed it. Again, like Bekln, this could be massive. I could listen to them all day. 5 big fat, massive, huge, (you get the point) yeses.

Student Charli Beard’s vocal is one of the best of the series to date, effortless, faultless and she has a lovely tone. This girl has a big future ahead of her, whatever happens on her X Factor journey. 5 yeses.

We didn’t see much of Session singer Vicki-Ann Nash but it was enough for me and the judges to say yes.

Saffron, Abby, and Leah aka Rumour Has It, as a then five piece got to Louis’ judges houses last year, now down to three, they have returned hoping to go one step further and reach the live shows. Vocally, it was blooming amazing, it was tight and they already look like an established pop act. I like them and so do the judges. 5 yeses. Good Luck girls

I loved Monica Michael last year and I was dumbstruck that she was sent home at the six chair challenge, so I am personally very glad that she has returned. Look, I won’t have a bad word said against Monica. She is honest, amazing and is vocal perfection. Not (currently) a member of Team Midas, but I am hoping she will be. As for the audition, 10/10. Pack your bags Monica, you are off to bootcamp.

Right, I’m off to get my wings back from Papasidero….see you next week.