Recently I was given the wonderful offer of a trip to see McBusted and honestly I could not have been more excited from the moment I found out. When I was younger I was a huge fan of both bands, although I must admit I was more of a Year 300 kid than a Star Girl.

It’s fair to say the atmosphere at Newmarket was buzzing. We were lucky enough to be in the premier enclosure but those who were simply just there to see McBusted were in the standard enclosure eagerly waiting at the gates for the last race to be over because as soon as it finished they were going to open the gate to the Premier part where the stage was.

We arrived about an hour and a half early and even then you couldn’t get within 10 or 15 metres of the stage. When the gates open the area filled up, there wasn’t a single space. What shortly followed was possibly one of the best experiences of my life. Everyone loves that beautiful nostalgic feeling they get when they re-live something from their childhood, but it’s very rare that you get to not just re-live it but actually beat that experience. I would happily prance around my room for hours to songs by both bands and the 9 year old inside of me certainly came out.

They were electric, from start to finish (even when they were acoustic, that’s my weak attempt at humour). Every member has such a unique and refreshing way of engaging with the crowd and I don’t just mean telling everyone to move, jump, clap and wave their arms. The chemistry between them couldn’t possibly have been faked, you could tell these guys are best mates making and re-creating great music. Not a note was missed and not a backing track was relied on, these guys are the real deal, they have the talent and they didn’t stop using it for the entire hour that they performed.

It was so good in fact that even before it was over I couldn’t help but get a little sad just knowing it would soon be over. Not a single person could’ve possibly left that show disappointed, it’s just not possible, I refuse to believe that it could be. You can’t be that good and not have everyone talking about your performance for the next week or so.

To conclude, I was a huge McFly fan boy, a bigger Busted fan boy, and now a GIGANTIC McBusted fan boy. The first opportunity to see them again I will take there’s no doubt about it and I’d strongly advise you to do the same.

Check out the Vlog below:


Check out our amazing gallery of the McBusted gig below by 99Probs:


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