Shot a dilapidated rooftop warehouse in East London, Adam Lambert performs Another Lonely Night and the title track from his acclaimed new album The Original High exclusively for LoveLive.

Along with the pair of stunning performances, Adam also discusses his third studio album, changing labels and working with Nile Rodgers and Pharrell Williams in the accompanying documentary.

The exclusive sessions follow on from the performance of single Ghost Town, premiered last month.

On Working with Nile Rodgers & Pharrell Adam revealed: “While we were on the American Idol tour I was running around studios trying to put my album together, my first album – my head was spinning. I worked with Nile Rodgers and Pharrell – those guys, they’re geniuses. I feel lucky I got to work with them. It was a growing process as well, as I was learning what my sound was.”

On Leaving His Record Label and the proposed ‘covers album’: “To be successful in this industry you have to have a side of you that’s a business person and a side of you that’s an artist. And on a business level, I was being objective – ok, I can see how this [the proposed covers album]  would be a good business proposition. but i was waiting to see if my ‘artist’ would respond to it.

I was listening to the music and it just didn’t resonate – it didn’t feel like what i should be doing – I just had to trust my gut on that. and it was a little scary saying so, because i was like, ‘I guess that means I gotta go’.”

Upon release, The Original High became Adam’s highest charting album in the UK as it hit the top 10, and his third consecutive top three album in America.