Check out the new single ‘Shangri-la’ from punk pop star Ian Erix, due to release in the UK on July 10th.

Ian Erix is a colourful character who brings to mind the extroverted stage presences of Lady Gaga and Panic! At The Disco. He earned his stripes as a child prodigy DJ from the age of nine in his hometown of New York.

He had a major breakthrough in 2012 when he performed in front of 2.5 million people onstage at a live New Years Eve show in Brazil with David Guetta.

Erix combines modern dance beats and synth elements with tastes of punk guitars, quirky lyrics and a left of centre in-your-face attitude to create catchy and compelling pop. Written by Ian Erix and produced by Erik Nyholm in Finland, Shangri-La is a boppy, fun-loving pop tune, a version of which was recorded in 2014 by Scandinavian boy band TCT where it was a Top 3 hit.

With his multi coloured hair and trademark sunglasses you certainly can’t compare him to anybody else on the music scene right now…he’s certainly a guilty pleasure!

‘Shangri-La’ is set to be his first single from a new album which is coming soon.