Elle Exxe is due to release her debut dirty pop single ‘Lie To Me’ on March 23rd.

The single premiered on The Line Of Best Fit who said, “It’s a bolshy pop belter with one toe in electroclash and another in swaggering neo-soul. There’s gallons of confidence in her vocals as she sings of love gone awry, and she swans into our lives with this track as if she’s been here for years. Replete with jerky synth stabs, calamitous basslines and beats that tumble, ‘Lie To Me’ is a huge song that’s ready for dancefloors, and one that won’t wait to be to be given permission to enter your lives, but rather storm in and force you to move.”

She arrives kicking and screaming with an upbeat groove that blasts standard pop out of the water with a dark, funky and colourful alternative. A super hot star with a striking sound and glamorous unpredictability, Elle Exxe is about to make the pop landscape of 2015 into a very exciting place to be.

Working the striking grandeur of Madonna and Lady Gaga with the knowing goodtime charm of Chari XCX, Elle Exxe bridges the gap between bright pop sparkle and gnarled rock swagger. The result is explosive and takes off just as quickly as the early stages of her career, which have already seen her play in support of Professor Green, MNEK and Jess Glynn.

Elle Exxe has proven she can hold her own against the big boys, in a stage show that’s as immense and as strong as her sound. She will be playing her first show of 2015 with a headline performance at London’s super cool 229 Club on February 26th.

Elle Exxe takes pop norms by the horns and gets them drunk on super sexy sass and attitude. ‘Lie To Me’ is only the first spark in her arsenal, but one that’s strong enough to start a fire.