Having won over the affections of the nation on BBC’s The Voice UK 2014, Jermain Jackman announces the release of his debut single ‘How Will I Know’ out 23rd March 2015 the same day as his self-titled album through London Records.

Jermain has been working tirelessly since winning The Voice to create an impressive debut British soul record and ‘How Will I Know’ is the first single to come from this Hackney born talent.

Check out the lyric video below:

The single, which boasts a vivacious horn section and playful lyrics delivered straight from the school of Motown, is an upbeat song with an overriding message of hope. Recorded around the time of his Grandma’s death, the song is also infused with palpable feeling. “I’d been to New York to visit my Granny the same week, and so my emotions were high in the studio. She was very much in my thoughts as I recorded the single and I think you can hear that in my vocal.” Blessed with a beautifully rich baritone, Jackman is a natural, inventive vocalist who manages to push the boundaries of possibility, while retaining a delicacy and restraint that is admirable.

At just 20 years-old, Jermain is one of the UK’s most innovative, interesting and unique recording artists. Blessed with a beautifully rich baritone, his renditions of ‘A House Is Not A Home’, ‘Wrecking Ball’ and ‘I’m Telling You’ from The Voice – which have had over 5 million views online – were simply stunning and showcase his incredible range as a singer.

Jermain’s inherent musicality stems from years in gospel choirs and a love for soul, R&B, & classic Motown. A true musician through and through, Jermain has spent his young life honing and developing his craft even to the extent of being able to read and write music. His talent and dedication have enabled him to grow into the talented songwriter and performer that he is today.