Global sensation Reed Alexander (Nickelodeon’s iCarly and Sam & Cat) has announced the launch of his new, first-ever solo weekly radio show on air and streaming on line with Air Toronto Radio (, the new international radio station broadcasting across America and worldwide out of Canada’s most vibrant and exciting mega-city. The premiere edition of #ReedOnAir debuts on Thursday, January 29th, at 8pm Eastern.

Reed, adored by millions of fans for his portrayal of the role of NEVEL PAPPERMAN on two of Nickelodeon’s most popular sitcoms, will host the one-hour show “#ReedOnAir,” live from New York, and will also assume the role of Air Toronto’s New York City correspondent as well as first US-based presenter. #ReedOnAir will feature a wide variety of conversation and special features, high-profile interviews, social media interactivity and dialogue, and of course the signature hits Air Toronto is known for playing.

Each week, Reed — also the creator of, face of the Clinton Foundation’s Alliance for a Healthier Generation, and author of the top-selling cookbook KewlBites: 100 Nutritious, Delicious, and Family-Friendly Dishes (Rodale Books, 2013) — will update viewers on the latest stories from the worlds of health, wellness, and food; invite A-list personalities onto the show for informative Q&A’s; track the headlines from the pop culture and entertainment beat; make sense of the news; and curate a musical playlist bringing together the biggest artists of today as well as up-n-coming indie talents, all under one roof. #ReedOnAir will connect the world through Reed’s global perspective, uniting the dots from New York to Nairobi, Los Angeles to London, San Francisco to Singapore.

“I’m proud to team up with Air Toronto on this exciting project, and to delve headfirst into the world of radio,” says Alexander in a statement. “Viewers and listeners know my work in the acting world and my passion for food and lifestyle, but I’m interested in and curious about so much. I hope #ReedOnAir will become a go-to zone for listeners to have fun, kick back with great music and conversation, learn a little more about their world, discover some delicious food-lover’s tips of course, and, most importantly, hear their voices heard too.”

Reed Alexander is also a New York City-based health and lifestyle contributor to BBC News, and is presently developing a kitchenware line of lifestyle essentials set to be released in 2015. With multiple TV and lifestyle-centric projects currently in development as well, the timing of the launch of #ReedOnAir could not be more apropos. Plus, Reed’s journalistic prowess will clearly come through, especially as he simultaneously studies broadcast journalism at the prestigious New York University.

#ReedOnAir will be broadcast weekly on Thursdays at 8pm Eastern, and will also regularly be broadcast from international destinations such as London, Paris, and Hong Kong. In addition, special editions of the show will be announced in connection with events such as the Grammys, the Academy Awards, the BAFTAs, breaking news situations, and the like, and an upcoming downloadable podcast version of the show will imminently be made available through iTunes, as well.