Sound The Alarm; it’s time for Love Criminal. Remember when you meet someone that you are completely infatuated about and can’t stop thinking about them. Well if so you have been a victim of a Love Criminal.

Pop panther, Magalie, who unleashed her First Kiss on us this Summer (racking up a cool half million Vevo views in the process), is back in full-unadulterated pop technicolour. And on a mission.

The Parisian born, London based pop swagging songwriter continues her hallmark style of punchy and bright hooks, and tales of love both good and bad. Produced by Carl Haley, who has worked with production heavyweights RedOne and Wayne Hector, this is a slice of slick feisty girl pop.

Magalie ponders “Who’s hasn’t been victim of a Love Criminal? But who doesn’t love that intoxicating feeling. We need to celebrate our hearts being stolen”.

With an accompanying video directed by documentary maker John Turner (who’s work includes fashion campaigns for Mercedes Benz), Magalie once again provides an emotive soundtrack to so many. The video nods to Grease and West Side Story, which essentially means some pretty epic choreography and dancing.