‘Suffocate’ is the debut single from rising star Veronika Vesper and is due for release on 26th October 2014 through Volcanique Records. It’s a strong introduction to this intriguing artist – a statuesque interstellar star whose space pop captivates on first listen.

The song addresses the courage and determination needed to break free from outside constrictions, whatever form they might take in someone’s life. Produced by Kevin Malpass (who has worked with Sia amongst others) and Vesper, Suffocate’’s sound is atmospheric space pop underlined by drumnbass and lifted by symphonic overtones. There’s also remixes from Tom Kills and Hectic.

Vesper’s incredible story starts in the then Czechoslovakia: daughter of a world famous conductor and from a family of classical musicians, she was something of a child protégé. Classically trained from the age of four, she was performing from five and a multi instrumentalist by six. Vesper was also a keen horse rider as a child and felt such an affinity with these animals she became a horse whisperer.

Since early childhood Veronika has felt the urge to decode her calling in life. It’s been an adventure that’s taken many twists and turns. The difficulties of trying to find an answer and a use for her talents, along side a problematic childhood, led to a struggle with addiction and self-destruction when she was a teenager.

She eventually escaped the darkness by finding a creative outlet. Initially in the flute, becoming the First Flautist for an international touring orchestra, but she quickly grew frustrated with lack of creativity that comes from performing the work of others, being a single cog in a bigger machine.

Whilst touring with the orchestra in London she came across a pop music academy and was amazed she could study such things, but before she could pursue this avenue a misdiagnosis of a kidney problem almost killed her. The near death experience focused her and when she was fully recovered she moved to London to begin crafting the bold identity she has today.

Vesper knew she had two sides to herself, a gentleness and a hardcore element of her personality, between a fairy and a punk. After she almost died she realised that she needed to integrate her whole self and inspire others to follow their dreams.

Visually Veronika is incredibly striking and it’s no surprise she’s done some modelling. Fashion has always been a passion. From a young age she was drawing costume designs and she’s currently working with several fashion brands designing clothes in her unique spacey cyber style, influenced by Bowie and Bjork to that signature 5th Element meets Bladerunner aesthetic.

Vesper is the real deal. Having struggled with her own darkness and light she’s found the balance by accepting both – and her music reflects that struggle.