Boy band The Vamps and girl group Neon Jungle are the latest celebrities to come face to face in the exclusive series, Nando’s Grills.

Tune in to see Connor, James, Tristan and Bradley (aka The Vamps) and Asami, Shereen, Jessica and Amira (Neon Jungle) lift the lid on life in the spotlight over a PERi-PERi feast. Expect plenty of grilling, a serving of giggles and of course lashings of Extra Hot gossip along the way.

Episode 01: Is a Neon-Vamp Christmas album on the horizon?
Kicking off the first episode in the new series of Grills, The Vamps tease viewers with a supergroup formation and even the possibility of a Neon-Vamp Christmas album. Meanwhile, Amira shows off the story behind her ink and the tattoo-less boys are branded “Lemon & Herb guys” – ouch!