You may know her as the voice you wake up to in the morning but there’s much more to the gorgeous Capital Xtra presenter Jade Avia. She also hosts The Chart Show for Emirates in-flight entertainment and if that wasn’t enough, this busy bee has produced and presented an online TV show called Lip Gloss and Candy Floss.  

Hey Jade, how you doing?
Hi, I’m really good! Just tired from the gym and getting over my flu but otherwise I’m fine!

So since University you’ve been working hard to make it where you are today. It’s incredibly hard to be able to reach the status you have in such a short time, was it any easier for you being able to elevate your status working at radio stations or was it quite a struggle?
When I came out of university, all I wanted to do was to get into radio and get into the industry. I had the experience, even in my first year I was handing out my demos; I was experienced and had a head’s start! I worked at a lot of radio stations for experience, I remember working at KEY 103 for a Professional Study Task and in the end of the work experience I was offered a job! I didn’t take the job, as education is so important to me.

It definitely helped working at other stations, I realised I couldn’t get a job without the experience so after university I was sending out my demo to community radio and hospital radio. I couldn’t do commercial radio without knowing my stuff!

What inspired you to work in radio?
I left sixth form not really knowing what I want to do. I was really interested in media and I knew I had a personality that would be great for the industry. I was thinking maybe becoming a presenter, whether it was in radio or TV. I did a degree that did radio, media, journalism, PR, radio presenting and covered everything that I was interested in. I realised I was good at radio because I love music so much and presenting. The reason why I love radio is that my personality is out there for people to listen, and they had to listen to me and it can’t be misconstrued in anyway. There I am for the world to listen! It can be what I am rather than judged on what I look like and who I am.

You currently work as a breakfast presenter for Capital Xtra and host for the inflight charts for Emirates airlines, that’s a massive achievement! How do you find it having to manage both roles?
I LOVE my diary, if I don’t have one then I’d always forget things like family birthdays etc. It’s hard to remember everything but it’s important to write everything down! I love to exercise as it helps to keep my mind focused and ready for the day ahead! Waking up at 4am is not a joke!

In addition to your role as presenter, astoundingly, you’ve produced your own online TV show, how has it been presenting your show, LipGloss and Candy Floss, has there been much support?
Online TV shows are really getting attention they deserve now! When I first saw them I thought to myself that I could easily do this! So I rolled up my sleeves and I built the set myself, got the guests and helped with everything!

I found my amazing camerawoman on Twitter and it helped to get her face out there and her foot in the door – she’s now managed YouTube studios!

So if I have any advice – if you have an idea, just do it! I’m really proud of what I’ve done with LipGloss and Candy Floss and I can’t wait for the new series – it’s going to be bigger and better than ever.

You’ve interviewed artists such as Stooshe, Sean Paul, Marvin Humes and Nicki Minaj, how was it working with such highly acclaimed artists?
Amazing, it’s just so cool to know that I have spoken to Nicki Minaj. It’s crazy! She’s so cool.

Meeting artists such as Alicia Keys and Bradley Cooper baffles me! I think that they’re not normal people and completely different but I’m in complete shock when I meet them I realize that they ARE normal! You can tell people who have used their positive energy for good, like Will Smith he has an amazing aurora, he’s constantly lit up and such a cool guy!

I’d love to interview Drake, one day I’ll meet him!
Recently you posted on Twitter that you’d attended the new Marvel film’s premiere. Do you get the access to such VIP perks as this often or is it more of a one-off treat?
There are perks to the job! I do get excited about premieres like anybody else. When I meet cool people like Alicia Keys I do get nervous! You get used to it after a while and I have act cool and pretend this happens all the time. The first premiere I went to I ran across the red carpet, freaked out because I was scared of the paparazzi. I’m getting used to it now!

My favourite premiere I’ve ever been to is The Amazing Spiderman 2, I interviewed Jamie Foxx on the red carpet and I was so shocked that people were taking my picture! So weird!

Since you’ve had to get up-close-and-personal with so many music artists and famous faces in the media industry, there is bound to be hype surrounding your interviews with them. Has anyone ever come up to you in the street having recognised who you are?
Yes, it happens a lot! When on the street on the train or funnily enough when I was at the Drake concert loads of people were approaching me for a picture or tweeting me saying that they could see me!

Do you get trouble from people because of what you do?
No I don’t get trouble from people in regards what I do, it’s an amazing job and we wake up the nation at 6am so I’m very proud!

You must be very dedicated to devote so much time to your work. Do you ever get tired of it or is it something that you will never stop enjoying?
I feel re-energized when I exercise it keeps my levels up! I love what I do with what I do with all my heart, I’m very passionate about radio and people and I’m looking forward to more with radio!