Magalie – the name may be unfamiliar – but her debut single First Kiss takes you back to that moment you never forget.

An infectious sense of fun and playfulness defines Magalie’s character. She is the cooler big sister; the girl your brothers fancied and your sisters aspired to be.

Born in Paris to Mauritian parents, Magalie has called London home for most of her life. Having always had a love for music (inspired from Alanis Morissette to Prince), her sheer determination led to various chance encounters with the music industry.

From writing sessions with pop gurus Guy Chambers (Robbie Williams, Adele) and Wayne Hector (One Direction), it was perhaps one chance encounter with Zepherin Saint, label head of legendary dance label Tribe Records, which saw Magalie realise her ambition of starting the pop path. Zepherin, so convinced by Magalie’s raw talent even launched a new division of the label, simply called Ovation. Add to this a brief spell writing in Atlanta via friend and mentor Taio Cruz also, and the result is an artist who has found her self, and her voice.

Now as Magalie prepares to release debut single, First Kiss (released October 5th), like her style her future is looking bright. The perfect slice of summer pop, the ditty tells the classic story of boy meets girl, girl meets boy and love is in the air. Drenched in punchy and bright hooks, this is feel good pop about good old-fashioned love and that moment we never forget. The track was co-written by Magalie and Tom Fuller (Kelly Rowland, Patrick Wolf).