TV has never been the same since Ashley Roberts started making with the fun on Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Take Away. With her new single Woman Up coming out very soon, and the release (finally!) of her debut album Butterfly Effect, there is no denying the whirling dervish effect of this young lady. But as Dolly Parton used to sing ‘just because I’m blonde don’t think I’m dumb, cos this dumb blonde ain’t nobody’s fool’.

In her struggle to break away from the Pussycat label and make a name for herself, this hungry little caterpillar has “grown as an artist” and transformed into a beautiful butterfly.

In an exclusive interview for Pop Scoop, Ashley chats about taking leaps of faith, living in the UK and love on the horizon. She’s sassy, classy and oh so, busy buying sofa’s…

Download Butterfly Effect from iTunes now:

Butterfly Effect (Deluxe Album) – Ashley Roberts