Former UK rapper, Jay Junior is the latest artist to brace the music industry, adopting an R&B/Dance genre as he brings forth lead single, Fiend For Ya’ from his #Rehabilitation EP.

The Bournemouth-based singer/dancer has previously featured on the same bill as Tinchy Strider and Boy Better Know, performing for a wide audience. In addition, he has incredibly attained his first endorsement from the headphones and headsets’ company, Sennheiser, whose products are slyly advertised through his recent music video.

An artist with a depth of tone and soul similar to the likes of Jason Derulo and Ne-Yo, Jay manages to keep his sound edgy, modern and club-worthy. What’s possibly the most effective thing about this song is that it’s undeniably catchy. For one, there is a rawness to Jay’s voice that is deeply tantalizing, yet it is also in many ways smooth much like the tracks recently to have been pinned by Justin Timberlake. You will also find that even if R&B isn’t your thing this song offers a fresh perspective on the genre, not too heavy on the bass yet with just enough of a pop sound to give it mainstream potential.

If I were to criticise the song my only worry is how synthesised the song sounds. Admittedly, this is a common convention of R&B songs and this is perhaps a concern to be raised by music fans who tend to prefer the more classical or acoustic genre of music. So whilst the song is adventurous and exciting, it will inevitably not fulfil the taste of every music enthusiast. Nevertheless, as a newly published song I can see this track striking well with the public because of how the techno style comes through the song, a genre which, particularly now, is increasingly in popularity.

The video is Americanised, conventionally following music video themes and styles such as those used by artists like Chris Brown and Jason Derulo where tight choreography and quick cuts are commonly shared. In this video we find Jay expressing his desire for a woman, as in most male R&B tracks, juxtaposed with the artistry of street dance where we find Jay breaking out moves in a dark room in which there are red lights behind him, mimicking a club environment. Coupled with sidelights that focus on his moves, the video not only gives us the understanding of Jay’s multiplied talent, but gives the air of a street dance movie.

If you have a weakness for the more emotive, acoustic music or just plainly that which require you to listen carefully to the deeper lyrical choices then this is undoubtedly a track not for you. Yet all in all, this song is great for when you want to party hard or just mess around with your mates; it’s a rocking tune that will have you on your feet in minutes. So why don’t you head over to iTunes and buy the track, you certainly won’t regret it.