Amelia Lily – the name’s familiar, the voice you get instantly. In 2011 she entered TV’s biggest competition, The X Factor. A firm favourite, she inked her first record deal and scored her first hit with You Bring Me Joy. All of this by the time she was 17. As all artists grow, Amelia has embraced the experience of the past two years and has now morphed into the artist she was always destined to become.

With this now clear for all to see and signed to her new label, East West Records, a label of Warner Music, Amelia is firmly back in the driving seat. Enter new single, California, which impacts August 25th.

Think big anthemic rock pop that will make you dance. It’s about feeling good, positivity, fun, colour. Hooks, choruses, melodies, all woven together by Amelia’s signature vocal and showcasing her song writing ability at its very best. Co-written with producer Tim Woodcock (John Newman, The Vamps, Eliza Doolittle, The Wanted, Lawson to name a few), California is the perfect summer anthem.

Now 19, Amelia balances her unique sophisticated artistry with a sense of vulnerability that she like all great female vocalists including her idols Pink and Kelly Clarkson, will constantly be at the top of her game. For Amelia writing and performing her music is in her DNA – The X Factor just provided the once in a lifetime platform to shine the light on the diamond that is her voice & talent. She will always be the proud girl from Middlesbrough who proves that hard work and sheer determination will never go out of fashion.

Amelia’s debut album will be released this later this year.

Watch/Listen to the Lyric Video for California here: