Ed Sheeran launches the new Solo2 headphones for Beats by Dr. Dre with a new advert, Ed Sheeran stars in the advert which shows his reaction to the events that inspired his new single ‘Don’t, the single also features in the advert.

The ad shows a not-so-happy Ed slamming the door behind him as he enters his hotel room. He paces up and down, obviously raged, until he checks out the Beats music service on his phone. The phone screen confirms his mood: In a hotel room, pissed off, writing a song, a 90s hip-hop beat.

He is then seen a little more inspired, with laptop in hand and red headphones on… well head, creating his single ‘Don’t’.

Beats by Dr Dre Solo headphones are the world’s bestselling headphones, with a pair sold every 4 mins, the new Solo 2 headphones have been redesigned, streamlined, and are more lightweight, durable and comfortable than ever.

You can get the headphones at Argos.co.uk, priced at £169.95.

Watch Ed’s new Beats commercial below: