Mountain Bird are an aspiring dream-pop act hailing all the way from Stockholm, Sweden. Having recently being signed to Universal Music Group, they are about to release their highly anticipated new single called The Visitor. The track is written, arranged and produced by their lead man, Adam Öhman, and is performed by his band mates: Anders Erlandsson Öberg, Victor Jonsson, Dennis Fyhr and Sam Ekberg. The Visitor is a unique sonic experience that combines the atmospheric ambience with post-rock introspection to excellence. Resembling the creativity of Cold War Kids, the minimalistic approach of The xx and the grandeur of M83 all mixed into one, Mountain Bird know how to arrange their music impeccably from start to finish. The Visitor is the lead single taken out of the upcoming new EP called Cosmos II. It gives way to a collection of mellifluous tracks, pulsating rhythms and insightful lyrics. The overall production positions Mountain Bird as one of the potential and non-traditional leading breakout artists of 2014. One of their most distinguishing features is unearthing the new, brave and oft-ignored sounds together with the cozy familiarity which everyone can relate to. The melodic guitar riffs are beautifully layered with the delicate nature of the lead vocals and together they create a soulful coating on top of their already haunting sound. Cosmos II EP consists of 5 tracks which are a direct representation of Mountain Bird’s quasi-autobiographical songwriting. The songs do not always sound triumphant, yet still feel very re-assuring with the words acting as salves for the listeners’ own hang-ups and reservations. The Visitor will be available for sale and download everywhere on 23rd May, with the Cosmos II EP to be dropped shortly after on the 11th June via Universal Music Group.