For the past six years, Kendall Schmidt has starred on Nickelodeon’s top-rated show ‘Big Time Rush’. Today he has made his solo debut with band Heffron Drive, releasing its first single – ‘Parallel.’“I couldn’t be more excited to share ‘Parallel’ with our fans. It’s about two people who are made for one another. They are always around each other, walking in parallel lines, but never seem to meet up. The song asks, what if one day, the stars finally align and their paths cross,” said Schmidt. “I’ve always been a hopeless romantic and often wonder if I have already met the person I’m going to end up with.”

The duo (with Guitarist Dustin Belt) is a complex blend of pop, rock and electro with the single being from Heffron Drive’s forthcoming album, scheduled for release this summer. Bringing a unique sound, many of the songs have acoustic elements, transitioning into pop/electro ideas. “The album was inspired by our diverse taste in music, as well as some of our favourite bands – The Postal Service and Taking Back Sunday,” said Schmidt.

Handling the global release of Heffron Drive’s album is Schmidt’s newly formed private record label, TOLbooth Records. A play on the word ‘toll booth’, ‘TOL’ stands for ‘Tree of Life’ (named for a tree in the Schmidt family yard that stood next to his bedroom window with deep, gnarly roots and huge, expansive branches). TOLbooth Records is currently building its talent portfolio and will specialize in developing new, aspiring artists.

“When I was starting out, I was lucky to have had the help and support of a few champions. I’m excited to now pay it forward and help highlight those who need a boost of their own,” said Schmidt. “I have always loved working with new artists and it is a dream come true to be able to do so in a more official capacity.”

Heffron Drive recently performed songs from its new album at the South by Southwest Music Conference and Festival (SXSW). A U.S. tour is planned for this summer, followed by a tour in Europe and Asia this Autumn.