With the dressing room set up I eagerly await my interviewees who are currently doing a meet and greet with their fans, four lankey boys enter the room and take their seats ready for our interview.

Conversation is piped up straight away and I discover the lads that make up Alexander – a four piece Alt-Pop band – are inviting, friendly and charming setting us up for a great little interview. We chat easily about them as a band, the LP and what next for them, their personalities shine through.

Alexander – a strong name in their opinion – had a successful 2013 which saw the release of their debut LP ‘Say Hello’ and TV exposure for their song on ‘Hollyoaks’ now followed by a small tour made up of seven dates, the fifth date on the tour bringing them to Norwich for the first time.

With the boys at the start of their career there’s not much we know about them but after having a little chat I feel like we have captured the start of a long career and now a little more of their story which I hope continues. Alexander have the charisma and talent to go far in their careers. Just four young men with energy, loving what they are doing which ‘unfolds naturally’.