Four piece pop-rockers Room 94 release their debut album ‘No Strings Attached’ in March, alongside their biggest UK tour to date. The tour, which starts on February 17th in Nottingham, ends at the prestigious KOKO in Camden, London on 7th March.

The band, consisting of brothers, Dean, Kieran and Sean Lemon as well as family friend Kit Tanton, have been touring relentlessly for the past few years in both the UK and Europe amassing a loyal and excitable fan base along the way and securing amazing online support in the process

Room 94 are one of the new generation of bands that have utilised the online community to get their music heard. By zipping up and sending MP3 files across the electronic universe, displaying their latest video on YouTube and by communicating with the fans in person via Facebook and Twitter, they have worked hard to get the music out there. Couple this with an old school approach to touring, including support tours with Lawson and more recently Union J (after all it is still all about the live show) and you have a winning formula.

With cheeky, witty and yet stylized lyrics, ‘No Strings Attached’ proves that it’s a pop meets rocktastic debut album, and that this foursome can craft together the best of both worlds, fitting in fast pop-rock beats, tasty guitar riffs and pop soaked choruses.

And don’t think it stops there… the rest of 2014 is shaping up to be an amazing year for Room 94… the only question is will YOU be part of it!

Check out our phone interview with Sean below: