Facebook, death, One Direction and Google were among the top 10 most popular Wikipedia pages of 2012 in the UK, a study has shown.

Figures showing 2012’s most read articles on the online encyclopaedia put Facebook at the top of the UK list.

Deaths in 2012 took the third spot, with One Direction in fourth. The boy band also proved popular in European Wikipedia sites.

Justin Bieber managed to make both the Danish and Norwegian top 10s, but he was beaten by One Direction, who appeared in the English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish and Danish lists.

UK’s most read Wikipedia pages:
1. Facebook 32,647,942
2. Wiki 29,613,759
3. Deaths in 2012 25,418,587
4. One Direction 22,351,637
5. The Avengers (2012 film) 22,268,644
6. Fifty Shades of Grey 21,779,423
7. 2012 phenomenon 20,619,920
8. The Dark Knight Rises 18,882,885
9. Google 18,508,719
10. The Hunger Games 18,431,626