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Definition of pop
(also pop music) [mass noun] commercial popular music, in particular accessible, tuneful music of a kind popular since the 1950s and sometimes contrasted with rock, soul, or other forms of popular music:
their quasi-psychedelic pop is pleasantly uplifting and danceable

1relating to commercial popular music:
a pop star
a pop group
2often derogatory (especially of a scientific or academic subject) made accessible to the general public; popularized:
pop psychology
late 19th century: abbreviation of popular
If you’re interested in becoming a Pop Scoop! contributor, please email us a pitch for your chosen subject, celebrity or band and attach some writing samples.


We’re always on the lookout for writers/presenters/videographers and photographers

  • Do you have an addiction to mainstream music?
  • Do you have an unhealthy appetite for the X-Factor, The Voice and Celebrity Big Brother?
  • Do you stay up until stupid O’ clock to watch award shows, film premiers and red carpet events?


If you said yes to any of the above then you might have what it takes.

As a non-profit organisation, we are not in a position to pay but the rewards are plenty.

You’ll gain lots of experience and your CV will look amazing.

You could be sent to a FREE gig, event, festival or film/TV premiere to review and/or photograph.

Presenters/videographers can gain invaluable experience in interviewing and filming established and upcoming artists.

We often use videographers to film exclusive Acoustic sessions with established and upcoming artists.
If you’re still interested by the time you’ve read this part then contact us telling us how lovely you are.

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Out today! -

'Saturday Night Griever' is my third studio album, three years in the making. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Throw on a pair of headphones, turn off the lights and relax.

Thank you to the talented people featured.


As we're practising social distancing, The Voice UK contestant and former @Access_Creative student Jordan Phillips will be taking over @Pop_Scoop Instagram.

#instagramtakeover #livestream #singersongwriter #rockthelockdown #thevoice


As we're practising social distancing, The Voice UK contestant Jordan Phillips will be taking over our Instagram. Be ready!
Instagram- @pop_scoop


#instagramtakeover #livestream #singersongwriter #musician #musiciansofinstagram #thevoice

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